Arijan Abrashi, PhD

I’m Arijan, a long-time origami enthusiast fascinated by origami and the logic behind it.

Origami fascinates me since my childhood, but I have never managed to learn origami properly until I have figured out the logic behind it. The process was long and painstaking and I would certainly take the origami course of any type if such a course existed. But one day I came across the lectures from Prof. Erik Demaine and a whole new world opened in front of me. I took origami more seriously, especially the theory behind it.

I created this blog in order to help people who want to understand origami in more detail and consequently learn how to design his/her own models.

I was always keen on helping people, and I believe that this blog will give you a jump-start and put you on a fast track toward origami mastery.

Member of: JOAS – Japan Origami Academic Society and HOD – Croatian Origami Society

Arben Abrashi, M.Eng. ME

I am an origami enthusiast and a mechanical engineer by vocation. What I particularly like is  to analyze and deconstruct origami theory. I have never really been into classical origami. I have never found any particular pleasure in folding classical models. What pleases me the most is to examine the theory behind origami as a technique.

I always wondered how the real origami masters come up with such fascinating designs we could see in recent years.  As an engineer, I intimately knew that there must be a coherent theory behind the origami design process. I became 100% sure that such a theory exists when many years ago, I learned that origami is based on math. At that moment, my journey into the origami world began. 

This blog is my attempt to share my knowledge and ideas. You see, some people make pretty models, but not me. I try to deconstruct a design process and examine the theory behind those models. And believe me, I found it equally rewarding and enjoyable.