Origami EASY

This page, called “Origami Easy”, is a sideshow to the main page. Its foremost purpose is to act as a repository of simple origami models, so even the absolute beginners, people who never folded a single origami model, could try to fold one.

So if you are one of those beginners, here, on this page, you can find simple and easy to follow instructions (diagrams). You only have to pick one and try. It shouldn’t be hard. As a matter a fact, it should be easy. Thus the name of this page.
Finally, I would like to stress one more thing. On this page, only diagrams are provided. There are no video tutorials. Videos are omitted on purpose since I firmly believe that whoever intends to master origami as art should learn how to read diagrams.

So, start… pick one diagram and try to fold it.

Traditional origami bases

Simple models